The best thing about inspiring mums to get crafty with their kids is seeing the end results - so thanks to all those mums kind enough to share the results with me!

Here's just a few of the nice things that people have said about the craft they've made with their families, oh and my moment of fame in the newspaper:

The Leader Newspaper

What is the best part of your role? "Inspiring mothers to make classy craft with their children, and then being able to share their successes with others on my blog." Linda.

"This party would never have happened if it wasn't for you, somehow you have pushed me into being more than I thought possible.  Your ebook gave me lots of ideas and more importantly the confidence that I could do something fun, memorable and magical for Jemma, I was really proud of what we had all created. The girls probably would have had fun regardless but it may never have happened without your ebook to give me the structure and the inspiration, so thanks!!!"
Australian Mum

Her pretty tags from the Fairy ebook were just the right touch and were well received by our guests.

" I wanted to thank you for the great idea for the Christmas cards on your website, we had a lovely afternoon doing craft; I'd forgotten how relaxing and therapeutic it can be!"
Australian mum.

One thing that I absolutely love about these eBooks is they include shopping lists.”

"Thanks for sharing the (party-craft) journey with me."
Estelle, UK mum.

Heather, USA

“I will be using this (Pirate Party) book in so many ways.”
  Jan, Australia

“It (the Pirate Party Ebook) is a very cool to keep my boys occupied.”
Tiffany, WA, U.S.A.

“I am sooo impressed (with the Super Hero printpaper package)!”
  Despina, Greece

“So many great ideas (in the Fairy Ebook).”
 Claudette, Australia

"How fun Linda!  I love it!!"
Graphics Fairy, USA

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