My eldest daughter Mimi celebrated her 4th birthday in October 2011.
She had a wonderful Mermaids & Pirate themed party
(based on my themed party planner / party craft ebooks.)
Thanks to all our family and friends for sharing the fun
(and helping take photos while I was busy doing other things!)
I've included some photos to give you ideas for YOUR next party -
everything from mermaid costumes to pirate decorations and more...

Family dress-ups

The fabulous photo-cake when it arrived

Pirate Captain Funny-hands standing to attention

Mimi and friends enjoy themed lollipops 

The birthday girl.

The craft table in action.

 Craft works.

Treasure hunt lollipops for pirates.

Party invitations.

More fun from the party craft table.

Chocolate coins in a Pirate's treasure chest.

Candy fish on store-bought cupcakes.

Pirate-mermaid diorama.

The Pirate end of the tug-a-war.

 The Mermaid end of the tug-a-war.

More tug-a-war fun.

Mini-mermaid fish bowl decoration.

Candy fish and blue frosting added to basic store-bought biscuits.

Pirate Jolly Roger biscuits and food-flags on chocolate crackles.
The lion walking the plank 

Mermaids, Mermaids, everywhere! 

 The cake with candy-fish and candles.
Mimi and Lotti looking worried when someone mentioned cutting into Mimi's face.

Hunt for treasure in a tub of sand.

Mini aquarium keepsakes.

Clam shell biscuits.

Fish swim under the stairs.

Bunting, beads, cupcake-liner fish; we love decorations!

Streamers over the buffet table.

Dress-up box for friends.

The last of the lollies.

Treasure hunt with 'sea creature' bath toys.

Blue bottles in the bathroom.

Grandma and nautical bunting in the kitchen mirror.

Have your cake and eat it too...

Pirate eating fancy fish and chips.

Dad eating the birthday girl.

The last piece of cake.
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