My youngest daughter Lotti celebrated her 3rd birthday in April 2012.
She had a wonderful Ballet themed party.
(Based on the themed party planner / party craft ebook.)
Thanks to her special friends for making her day so special.
I've included some photos to give you ideas for YOUR next party -
read the blog for more ideas, or purchase the ebook for further tutorials and inspiration...

The birthday girl and her big sister

The ballet lesson

The invitations under construction

The pop-up tutu inside the invitation

The decorations in the 'dance studio'

Outside on the performance 'stage'

The 'dressing room' under the stairs

The gift boxes for the guests 

The 'best friend' stamped plates

 The dining table

 Trophies and flowers handed out after the concert

The ballet slipper biscuits in stamped tulle bags

 Ballerina birthday cake

Happy Birthday

Feather boa, fabric, fabric flowers and paper bells

You can never have too many decorations

The cake stand was decorated with doilies,
stick on gems, fabric flowers and ribbon 

Decorating the mirror in the hall 
with cupcake liners is a must for us

Lots of ballerina decorations

Upcycling last years pirate bunting!

Close up of the gift boxes.

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