Hello, my name is Linda and I’m so excited that you’re here to celebrate classy craft with your family and mine. 

Let me tell you a short story, a secret if you will, about how I came to be hosting this get together I call Partycraft Secrets.  While looking bleary-eyed, night after night, for craft ideas for one of my daughters' birthday parties, I became aware that the internet was filled with many good resources, but that they were spread far and wide, and the effort required to pull it all together was often confusing and very time-consuming. 

It was as I turned off my computer late one night that I had my ah-ha moment of clarity.  I would stop looking and start creating.  As a stay-at-home mum I had imagined that I had ‘lost,’ ‘forgotten’ or ‘parked’ all my skills and experience that I had gained as an Architect, trained in design and employed as a Project Manager.  But of course that wasn’t true; that’s never the case.

The tired, flat, little party balloon that I had been feeling like, suddenly started to fill up with a new optimism and excitement.  It was if a great weight lifted off my shoulders; I suddenly felt free...

From that moment onwards, and for every day ever since, I’ve continued creating; combining my passions for design, writing, igniting children's imaginations and helping mums rediscover their inner-strengths (and perhaps discovering new skills) so they too can feel proud of themselves again. That's why it really is a celebration round here, because there is nothing, nothing, nicer than the feeling of creative freedom, following your dream, and most importantly, sharing your story so that you can help inspire others to follow their dreams too.

Mothers are perhaps the most well-intentioned but time-poor people in the world, and that’s why we all need to have our balloons inflated from time to time!  So please; slow down, get re-energised, and boost your self-confidence so that you can teach and spoil the ones you love, and become brave enough to eventually reach out and share your successes with likeminded people who will applaud your efforts.

Ready to puff-up YOUR balloon... your children's balloons?

Good.  There’s lots of ways you can get started straight away!

If you're throwing a party, then why not have a look at the FREE eBook "How To Host a Themed Party."  This high quality ebook is my gift to you – it costs nothing, is hitch-free, now and forever. But don't stop there, browse the website and you'll find even more freebies, helpful hints, how-to guides, and inspiration; because I'm a big believer in what my children teach me; "sharing is caring."

Mumpreneurs can get encouragement through the 6 Degrees of Support programme that I recently set up; I'd love your feedback so we can grow this into something really big, that can inspire as many mums as possible.

If you want regular crafty updates, you can join our "Royal Family" of loyal followers and receive a newsletter in the first week of each month filled with party secrets and craft projects as well as FREE printpapers or templates.

There's also many party planning, craft and activity ebooks based on popular themes you can consider.  They contain classy craft projects to assist busy parents create the memorable parties their youngsters deserve. The Themed ebooks provide an all-inclusive resource to make your dream a sophisticated reality, with 40+ colour pages of tips, how-to's and ready-to-print projects and templates for party invitations, decorations, tableware, costumes, games and more.

Everything Partycraft Secrets does is backed (pardon the pun) by the "SPINE" of my personal parenting beliefs, creating a place which can Spoil, Protect, Inspire, Nurture and Entertain crafty parents just like you.  In time I hope to grow Partycraft Secrets into a thriving international online community of parents, crafters and party-people, all floating like a giant flock of balloons in the sky!  Until then...

Keep tabs on what the Party-Craft Family and others are up to on Facebook Pinterest, or Twitter.

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