Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Cheats Macaroons

It's no secret that, in Australia at least, macaroons are all the rage.  A famous chef on a famous Australian cooking show kept turning up on our screens with the beautiful biscuits, in every pastel shade you can imagine, and we all went crazy for them.

They are exorbitant to buy and (in my opinion) a little tricky to make.  As always, I'm on the lookout for cheats ways to make beautiful things quickly and easily and when I spotted a box of mini-meringues I knew I'd found a way.

Here's how to make a pretend macaroon:

  • Buy mini-meringues (or make them if you prefer).
  • Buy (or make) soft pastel coloured icing.
  • Put a glob between two matching-coloured meringues and 'glue' them together.
  • Gently roll the meringues in sparkly edible sugar or sprinkles.
  • Leave them on a plate to harden in the fridge.
  • Serve on a pretty platter to happy children or impressed adults at your next party!

The hardest thing about the process was the bit where I had to go to the shops with the children - the rest as they say was 'child's play.'

The pretty little treats are perfect for a friend's high-tea park-party (which is where Little Lotti was eating hers this afternoon), a wedding, fairy-princess party, baby-shower, Spring or Easter get together, or as a make-it-yourself project for tweens and teens.

PS - if you're a regular reader and wondering where I've been, my attentions have been tugged between the school-readiness programme for Mimi (I can't believe she's almost in 'big' school!) and getting the house ready for the new addition to our family (no not a baby) a pup!

Best wishes, and happy 'baking,'


Twinkle Star said...

Yum, easy to make and soooo easy to eat! Fab idea, will defo try for Christmas! Can see some lovely white sparkly ones.

Speak to you after the 'big event'!

Take care, Estelle xx

Amy of While Wearing Heels said...

A pup...how about 2 pups? That is definitely worthy of celebrating with some beautiful cheater macaroons :)

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