Monday, October 8, 2012

Halloween Lollipops 4 Ways

It's no secret that Halloween is all about how much candy you can eat... oh, excuse me, it's not?  Silly me... that's what my kids told me it was all about and circumstantial evidence seems to point to them being at least partially correct... hmmm...

Regardless, Halloween is at least partially about candy, and one of the most fun candies ever invented is the lollipop.

So here's 4 super-fast, and affordable crafty ways to trick-up 'boring' lollipops into Halloween treats:

  • Ghostly-ghouls: Take round-ball lollipops, (cover the brand names if required), and wrap them in calico or pale coloured tissue paper, then use a rubber band to hold the cover in place.  Glue googly eyes on and draw a grizzly mouth if desired.
  • Pumpkin-lovin' fun: Buy an orange coloured swirly lollipop and then tape a big green (real or fake) leaf to the base; (but be sure to take a photo fast; mine got ripped off before I had a chance to take my happy snap!) 
  • Alien-eye party-hats: Look for pom-pom shaped round lollipops (covered in clear wrappers), and then gently push them into the top of conical party hats (mine protruded slightly because the plastic wrappers came down the lollipop stick; you may want to trim the wrappers, or push your pops in more, but my daughters enjoyed the way the alien-eyes wriggled and jiggled).
  • Fairy-flower wands: If you can find them, candy canes are the perfect lollipop to trick-up as flower-wands for pretty trick or treaters.  Simply use double sided tape to add a fabric flower and a sparkly gem to the end of the candy-cane.  If you can't find them, then attach a flat lollipop to the front of a magic wand, and tie it in place with a ribbon.

These fun edible crafts are fun as table-settings, invitations or keepsakes, and can be altered to suit any party theme or colour scheme (think circus, space, fairy or Christmas.)  They can be made ahead of time, or at the party by your guests as make and take party-craft...

So go on; have fun this Halloween and put some tricky treats on your to do list!

: )

PS - don't forget you can get Halloween Printable Party Stationary or more spooky ideas in the fun Halloween Craft & Activity Ebook !!


kate said...

great options - and all super affordable!

Amy - while wearing heels said...

Trick or treat.

What great ideas to make Halloween even more fun.

Partycraft Secrets said...

Thanks Kate & Amy - have fun with the ideas - and don't eat too much candy! x

Partycraft Secrets said...

Linky up with Krafty Kat:'%20Krafty%20With%20It

Kathie said...

How cute & fun! Thanks for sharing at Gettin' Krafty With It!

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