Thursday, October 25, 2012

DIY Hair Extension (for kids)

It's no secret that Rapunzel is a fascinating fairytale.  Whether you read the 'old fashioned' ones or know her through recent movie appearances, the plot and characters change slightly, but one thing remains the same - her long hair!

My girls fell in love with the idea of Rapunzel from the start, and some time ago, when I saw a mousy coloured ball of wool in a discount-store's sale-bin I decided to buy a roll and turn it into a hair extension.

As I have to make two of everything in my house, I went for a short-cut version.  You could easily improve upon it with the addition of a better (more subtle or more decorative) fixing system for attaching the hair extension to the child's hair.

Here's how to make your own play-time hair extension for kids:

  • Buy an affordable ball of wool that matches your children's hair colour (mine should have been a darker brown for sure.)
  • Pull the wool out and measure it against your child so that it is long, but not too long, and then lie that length on the floor.
  • Creating an oval shape, keep looping length on length upon the floor until you have about 10-12 loops onto top of each other in the shape of a big oval-loop.
  • Cut the end of the wool off the ball.
  • Place something round and heavy such as a small can, inside one end of the loop.
  • Cut a short length of wool and with the big loop wrapped around the can, tie it off to make a small circle at one end.
  • Remove the can.
  • You can now cut through the other end of the big-loop so that you have about 20-24 strands of loose hair.
  • Using the little loop, hang it over a door handle (or a lamp as I did), divide the hair into 3 sections and start braiding the hair into a plat.
  • Use a normal hair elastic to fix the bottom of the plat closed.
  • Take the hair extension off it's resting place and thread a head band through the little-loop or simply use the little-loop to hook over pony-tails.

The girls had a great game playing on the chairs and bunk beds, locking each other in castles, hanging their hair down to rescue teddy-bears, and generally playing in front of the mirror admiring  their new 'glamorous' selves.

This easy costume accessory would be fine for any princess or mermaid party, and even a last minute Halloween costume if you made it in black and stuck it under a witches hat!

Have fun and let your long locks shine!


Amy - while wearing heels said...

Grace would LOVE this. She walks around with one of those hooded towels on her head, proclaiming it is her hair but this is so much better. Love it!

Twinkle Star said...

I have threaded pink wool through a crocheted hair band to make lalaloopsy hair for my daughter - she is obsessed with them! She would love this though, she has the dress, so the hair would be perfect! xx

Partycraft Secrets said...

Ah, bless little girls for all loving long hair; hairdressers around the world may soon be out of a job! x

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