Monday, July 23, 2012

DIY V.I.P. Backstage Pass for Kids

It's no secret that our children are very important people.  All children are.  They are, each and every one of them, special, precious, unique.  That's why it's no stretch of the imagination that they ought to be issued VIP backstage passes to wear around the house.

I'm a hoarder... a-hem... I mean collector, of anything that I think might have a crafty use down the track.  Sometimes, I think of a use straight away, and other times, if a use isn't obviously apparent, but I know that 'one-day' it will come to me, I pop the items into plastic take-away-dinner tubs and stack them 5-high on my craft shelves.  Last count, I had about 20 tubs filled with everything from water balloons and paper stars, to pink plastic pretend safety-pins and mini silver cups.

In one such tub was an assortment of tags, the sort that come with bar-codes, price tags, or brand names written all over them.  There were tags from clothes, toys, and even two large tags that came off pencil-cases (see picture).  The great thing about the tags, and why I've been collecting them, is that they are bright and colourful, and usually on extra-thick cardboard.  Some are sparkly, others have studs and sparkles, and some are made of metal.  Until today I wasn't sure what to do with them.  Then I read a blog post about an amazing rock-the-baby shower over at "While Wearing Heels" and as soon as I saw the 'backstage passes' (complete with ultrasound picture - so cute!) I knew what I could use some of those tags for!

Most office supply stores sell lanyards and the plastic sleeves into which you can insert printed VIP cards (a quick google search will find you free downloads and I'll pop a link on today's partycraft-facebook page), but if you're feeling like you want to upcycle one thing into another, then...

Here's how to make your own VIP backstage pass:

  1. Collect the tags that come off the products you buy.
  2. When you have a large collection pick out the best of the batch so that you have one per child.
  3. Using stickers and coloured paper, cover the prices and bar-codes (and brand names if you wish).
  4. Add strips of coloured paper onto the front or the back, and write "VIP" onto the panel (see if you can chose a colour that will suit all the tags, so they all look similar.)
  5. Use a paper clip to push through the hole at the top of the tag (if the tag is torn, repair it by sticking a strip of coloured paper across the top, then hold the tag up to a bright light to see (or feel) where the hole was and carefully push the paperclip through the paper and the torn tag-hole.)
  6. Use a shoe lace or strip of material (like you find on cargo pants) and tie both ends onto the paper clip.
  7. Slip the backstage pass over your head, pop on some of mum's sunglasses and rock on or chill out.

Our children are special, and so are those pretty tags that you pull off their purchases; so stash them, and upcycle them; use them as a themed-costume, a tween's party craft, or just for fun... and send me the pictures!

(Which reminds me; both the Silver Stars Movie & Baby Shower  Printable Party Stationary are out now - yay!)


Amy - while wearing heels said...

Brilliant. I have never thought to safe any tags before. Thanks to you, I am developing hoarding tendencies now too. Happy to have inspired such a talented lady such as yourself :)

Partycraft Secrets said...

Thanks - Nice to know there's plenty of talent all round - good luck with the hoarding! x

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