Friday, June 29, 2012

Play-dough Frangipani Flowers

It's no secret that the frangipani flower is a potent symbol of summer; found in tropical locations as it is, it's sweet perfume and lovely looks are the perfect accessory for a summer outfit, decoration for a poolside party, or motif for summertime stationary.

That's why I decided to make one out of play-dough.  As you do.  My daughters wore them in their hair during our last summer-vacation, and while I was making repair works on a broken ring, I realised that the coloring could be replicated in modelling clay.  Before buying expensive brands of jewelry-making clay, I decided to play around with the kid-stuff first.  I'm glad I did - the results were not very successful.

You (or your youngsters) might have more luck at making a neater flower than I did.  They would make a fun tween-party-craft for a luau-party, surf-party, mermaid-party, or any other beachy play date make'n'take activity for young teenagers.

If you want to try - here's how to make your own frangipani flowers out of play-dough:
  • Roll a small yellow ball, a long white snake and a very thin pink (orange or purple) snake in play-dough or coloured modelling clay.
  • Wrap them around each other to make a sort of fried-egg pattern.
  • Roll it out with a playtime rolling-pin so that you get as close to a circle shape as you can.
  • Lightly score the circle with 5 lines, and when you are happy they make the same sized 'petals', cut out the 5 triangle wedges.
  • Shape the petals gently, to make them more rounded (this is where my cheap play-dough let me down; it was very 'sculptable' and started to tear or fall flat when I tried to shape it.)
  • Lay one petal on top of the other to create a flower shape.
  • Add a button, bead or sparkle to the middle to hide the overlapping center part.
  • Admire.
  • Optional - depending on what type of clay it is, you could try air drying it or baking it to keep your flower forever.
  • Optional -  once the flower has gone hard glue a jewelry fixing (such as a brooch pin or hair clip) to the back.

If you do make some play-dough flowers and they work for you - send me the pictures - I really, truly love boasting about parent submissions!

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Kathy A Delightsome Life said...

This is a fantastic craft! I haven't played with clay in a while - this would be wonderful fun! I am your newest follower,

Amy - while wearing heels said...

It looks beautiful in the pictures. Even if it didn't turn out quite how you had pictured, I am sure there was a lot of fun making them. AND, I think they look lovely.

Partycraft Secrets said...

Thanks ladies, you're too sweet - they were fun to make, but sadly the clay seems too soft to set... it just flops every time I pick it up... I will have try to bake it, but I need the girls to make some more items before I can justify turning on the oven for a single flower! Stay crafty & thanks for joining Cathy, and as always Amy; thanks for reading & writing! x

Trisha @ Inspiration Laboratories said...

What a fun way to make a flower!

Glittergiftsandgreen said...

Try making this flower with your kids with gum paste instead. It is edible and like play dough. You can colour it many different colours. When it dries, then the kids can put it on a cupcake or cake.

Partycraft Secrets said...

Thanks Trisha.
To Glittergiftsandgreen - wow - what a cool idea - for both a party craft and just because - thanks for sharing!! PS:love your 'name'. x

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