Monday, February 13, 2012

Warm and Fuzzy Valentines Craft Tutorial

It's no secret that girls tend to accumulate hair accessories.  Most girls that is.  Sadly, both of my daughters have been "hair-pretty-phobic" since they were born.  Whenever I tried to put anything in their hair, be it clips, elastics, headbands, even the humble comb or brush they wriggled their way away.  Every cute little accessory I purchased and pleaded with they denied me.  And then.  Suddenly.  Inexplicably.  Both of them wanted to "look beautiful."

Perhaps it was seeing another little girl with something amazing going on.  Maybe they saw something on television.  Possibly it was a passing dinner conversation we had about another girl who got dressed up to go to the theatre with her mother.  The chat prompted Mimi to say "oh Mum, please can you take me to the ballet Swan Goose," perhaps that wayward idea swayed her towards fabulous hair.

Regardless.  Whatever the reason, we're suddenly on the page of too many hair pretties is never enough.

To help get their treasures organised I whipped up this heart shaped strawberry with Mimi's help in under 15 minutes.  Here's how to make your own felt hair-clip holder:

  • Trace a heart shape onto a piece of red felt and cut it out.
  • Trace a smaller star shape onto a piece of green felt and cut it out.
  • Cut a piece of pretty ribbon long enough to loop over a door handle and leaving short 'tails'.
  • Find a large button to suit.
  • Stack all the parts on top of each other - heart, then star, then ribbon, then button.
  • Sew it all together.
  • Top with a sticker gem to conceal the stitching if you please.
  • Hang your strawberry on the bedroom door with all the hair pretties attached.

Mine is warping slightly, twisting under the weight of too many hair clips and the occasional snatchy-yank, but I think it will hold up... at least as long as the girl's current hair-pretty-obsession.  We'll see...


Michelle said...

What a cute idea! My daughter won't let me put a heart in her room. Now a skull quite possibly!

Andi said...

That's a very cute hair bow holder! Now I just need my niece to get old enough to need hair bows!

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