Friday, December 2, 2011

Felt Christmas Tree Craft Tutorial

It's no secret that I often see craft projects and think "I'd like to do that one day," but it's only occasionaly that I see something and think "I'm going to do that right now."

I saw two different felt-craft projects yesterday, each on it's own was very clever, but then I realised I had enough materials to combine some of the ideas of both and make a whole other craft.

The first project was a beautiful travel craft in the shape of a Christmas tree which the children could decorate with felt shapes on the beautiful Gluesticks blog.  The second was a black-board styled felt craft at Whimsical Whimsies, the black backdrop was especially effective for making the colours look bright and cheery.

I decided to make a travelling blackboard Christmas Tree fuzzy-felt.  Here's what I did;

  • I laid all my felt pieces out, and noticed the largest were A4s.
  • Using a ruler and pencil and a piece of green card, I sketched out the largest Christmas tree shape I could make on an A4 and cut it out (I used green card so that the tree can be used for a separate craft).
  • Laying the card tree down as a template, I traced the shape onto two pieces of green felt (one dark one light) then cut them out.
  • From the sheets of other colours, I kept it simple and cut out squares, rectangles and a few flame-shapes that could act as candles or ornaments, and I sorted them into two equal piles.
  • I had a bag of felt stars which was a bonus, and I added these to the assortment (craft stores often sell pre-cut felt shapes).
  • Using an uncut A4 piece of black felt, I laid the tree and the ornaments all on top and placed the set inside a 'side clamp file' (the sort of document holder that holds un-punched papers in place, with a clear cover and coloured back.)

The result is a (sort of) portable craft activity.  The girls took them to Nana's yesterday and were kept entertained for quite a while.  Mimi in particular enjoys finding new uses for the shapes I cut out and has turned them into flowers, eyes and a carrot-nose, votive-shaped candles and people.

I made both felties within about 30 minutes (with all materials on hand), and whilst they're not overly elaborate, my daughters think they're pretty good.

And lastly, just before I was about to post this, I noticed on one of my follower's blogs, that they have a cute snowman version.  It's here at Aunty Louisa's, so pop over to all the other blog links and share some crafty love!

PS - pipe cleaners can be used as 'tinsel' or 'string-of-lights' on the trees, although they don't stick quite as well, they're effective... just watch the sharpish ends with the bubbas!

PPS - don't forget that printable Christmas party stationary is always on sale at the Partycraft Secrets website!  Oh! AND the 45 page colour Ebook is now available too - click here to have a sneak peak!


Louisa said...

I love it! I think using pipe cleaners is a fabulous idea! I may have to send some to my nephew to use with his tree.

Brandy said...

I love it! You took the best of both and I love how it turned out. Have a great weekend!


Christy said...

Wow! It turned out so great! I love the Christmas tree idea. I'll have to add that to our collection. I'm happy to have inspired you. and thanks for linking me!


Partycraft Secrets said...

Thanks to all three of you! I follow all your blogs, and love your ideas - keep in touch. x

Love and Lollipops said...

Just found you! I'm also all for crafts that don't take too long - I'm a bit impatient that way :)

I absolutely love your felt tree - going to pin it!

Take care,

Make handmade said...

So cute ! i love it.

rebekah @ justfordaisy said...

These look great! :) Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! :) I'm loving felt toys at the moment, and so is Miss Daisy!

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